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Nick Gaidov 12.11.2023

The Sixth Hammer is hiring!

Become a part of a rapidly growing game development allstars team

Nick Gaidov 02.04.2023

Forging Paths and Elevating Indie Game Development at GDC San Francisco

The Game Developers Conference (GDC) is an annual event that serves as one of the

Nick Gaidov 13.02.2023

The great experience of creating a memorable Plovdiv Game Jam 2023 event​

The great experience of creating a memorable Plovdiv Game Jam 2023 event​ The vibrant city

Nick Gaidov 05.11.2022

Inspiring Industry Insights: 2022 GIC Poznan

Yasen Bagalev and Dimitar Popov from The Sixth Hammer on The impact of music and

Nick Gaidov 10.09.2022

Indie Game Studio “The Sixth Hammer” Takes Gamescom by Storm with “Moo Lander”

Cologne, Germany - The gaming world is buzzing with excitement as Gamescom, the renowned gaming

Nick Gaidov 02.08.2022

Galactic Soccer comes to Moo Lander’s Mooltiplayer

The talented Sixth Hammer team keeps bringing more unique fun action to Moo Lander! Their

Nick Gaidov 17.07.2022

Achieving Optimized Depth-Of-Field effect in a 2D Unity Game

INTRODUCTION I am Dimitar from The Sixth Hammer – a small independent Bulgarian game studio,

Nick Gaidov 11.06.2022

Smooth Scene Streaming with Unity3D

The Co-Founder of The Sixth Hammer Dimitar Popov has returned to tell us about designing

Nick Gaidov 25.04.2022

Moo Lander’s Mooltiplayer

What’s a fun game without a family friendly competition? Moo Lander has its own couch

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