Inspiring Industry Insights: 2022 GIC Poznan

Inspiring Industry Insights: 2022 GIC Poznan

Yasen Bagalev and Dimitar Popov from The Sixth Hammer on The impact of music and SFX in immersive games 

We will talk about techniques that could be used to create musical tracks that can magnify a game’s emotional connection with the players. We will look at the importance of choosing the right instruments, understanding the environment where the track will play out, the ways of making sure the melody stands out in the places it is intended to stand out and more. Then we will move to the importance of SFX in the creation of an alive game world and the subtle ways we have used to make sure players hear enough of them to get all the important information the game wants to convey”.

Moo Lander by The Sixth Hammer game studio was nominated for Best Audio & Music in the Central & Eastern European Game Awards as part of the GIC main event! 

Yasen Bagalev and Dimitar Popov, esteemed indie game developers, made a significant impact on the corporate landscape as they took the stage as featured lecturers at the esteemed Game Industry Conference (GIC) in Poznan during 2022. Their engaging lectures showcased their expertise, providing valuable insights and inspiration to industry professionals seeking to excel in the filed of game scoring and game development.

GIC – a well-known industry event

The Game Industry Conference (GIC) in Poznan, Poland is an annual event that focuses on the gaming industry, bringing together professionals, developers, enthusiasts, and students from around the world. GIC serves as a platform for knowledge exchange, networking, and showcasing the latest trends and innovations in the gaming industry.

The conference features a variety of activities, including keynote speeches, panel discussions, workshops, and presentations by industry experts. These sessions cover a wide range of topics related to game development, game design, publishing, marketing, and emerging technologies.

GIC provides a valuable opportunity for game developers to present their projects, gain feedback, and receive recognition for their work. Indie developers, in particular, find the conference to be a supportive environment where they can connect with potential publishers, investors, and collaborators.

The event also hosts the Indie Showcase, where independent game developers can exhibit their games to a wider audience. This gives attendees the chance to discover and play new and innovative titles before they are released to the market. This is also the subsection of the event our co-founders – Yasen Bagalev and Dimitar Popov, made their lecturers’ debut on the topic of game music and SFX in immersive videogames. 

Networking is a significant aspect of GIC, allowing participants to forge connections, share experiences, and collaborate with industry peers. The conference attracts professionals from various sectors, including game development studios, publishing companies, academia, and media, fostering an environment conducive to partnerships and business opportunities.

Furthermore, GIC places a strong emphasis on promoting education and fostering talent within the gaming industry. It provides a platform for students and aspiring developers to learn from industry professionals, attend workshops, and gain insights into different career paths within the gaming sector.

Overall, the Game Industry Conference in Poznan plays a vital role in promoting the growth and development of the industry. By bringing together professionals, developers, and enthusiasts, it facilitates knowledge sharing, collaboration, and networking opportunities that contribute to the advancement and innovation of the world of gaming in Poland and beyond.

The Captivating Lectures:

Yasen Bagalev’s lecture at GIC Poznan exemplified his deep understanding of music and SFX in games. Leveraging his extensive experience, Bagalev delved into the art of crafting immersive orchestral scoring and unforgettable sound effects. Attendees were captivated by his practical strategies and techniques for creating compelling tunes and music that resonate with players, leaving a lasting impression on their approach to cutting-edge game development.

Dimitar Popov, renowned for his mastery of the piano and sound design, delivered an engaging lecture that explored the intricacies of creating immersive gameplay experiences using music. At GIC Poznan, Popov showcased his innovative approaches to game mechanics, skillfully balancing challenge and reward to enhance player engagement. 

Active Audience Engagement:

Bagalev and Popov went above and beyond their lectures, actively engaging with the audience at GIC Poznan. They eagerly welcomed questions and facilitated insightful discussions, offering valuable guidance to fellow game developers seeking to navigate the gaming industry landscape. Through their interactions, they fostered a sense of unity and collaboration among attendees, reinforcing the importance of knowledge-sharing within the community.

Inspiration for Industry Success:

The impactful lectures of Yasen Bagalev and Dimitar Popov as lecturers at GIC Poznan serves as a source of inspiration for industry professionals throughout the event. Their profound insights and expertise underscore the significance of continuous learning, networking, and professional development within the gaming landscape. Through their engaging lectures and interactive discussions, they empowered attendees to embrace their creative visions and strive for excellence in their game development endeavors.

Embracing Opportunities for Growth:

Yasen Bagalev and Dimitar Popov’s remarkable impact as lecturers at GIC Poznan resonates powerfully within the game development landscape. Through their captivating talks, active audience engagement, and dedication to knowledge-sharing, they have left an indelible mark on industry professionals. Their presence and expertise serve as a testament to the potential for innovation and success within the gaming sector, inspiring both professionals and starting enthusiasts to embrace new opportunities, cultivate excellence, and shape the future of game development.