Welcome to The Sixth Hammer

The Sixth Hammer is a boutique website and game development studio, situated in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, with over 15 years of experience in the field of web and software development, including mobile apps and games.

What We Can Do

Game Development

We provide the best senior professionals from the industry, united by a passion for creating great games. Our game designers know the right balance between introducing new mechanics and making players feel empowered and engaged.

Web Applications

We have worked on projects that have codebases with 1.000,000+ lines of highly efficient code. Using all the latest cutting-edge technology in the industry, we have integrated the Agile methodology deep into our working process.

Mobile Development

Creating performant, scalable code is crucial for every type of mobile development. For larger projects, the backbone structure needs to be flexible and decoupled in order to sustain the implementation of large number of features.

Music & Sound Design

We know that music is one of the most important aspects of an immersive game world. Our team consists of industry professionals with rich experience in orchestral and electronic game music, as well as original sound effects.

Trailer Creation

Showing what a game is all about is a careful balance act between different types of shots. Еvery single second of a good trailer is crucial and everything shown on screen needs to have its specific purpose.


The best UI is the one that gives all the information to the players without breaking their immersion of the game world. Our specialists choose the UX/UI design approach for each individual game very carefully.

About us

Why Should You Choose Us?

We are able to provide a complete and diverse package of services, specially tailored to your needs. From prototyping to development, deployment and support, The Sixth Hammer will create value for you at a cost effective price. Years of team collaboration have defined efficient project management workflows and very accurate ETA scheduling.


How It All Started

Founded the studio

The genesis of the company began way back in 2010, when two young programmers (Yasen and Dimitar) met at the Plovdiv Highschool of Musical Arts. After a period of extensive programming, developing websites, mobile applications, PC software and most importantly – games, the two founded The Sixth Hammer in 2011!


First big corporate clients

This is the year that marks the start of bigger web development project for the company. International clients like Pernod Ricard, T-Mobile and Appy Saude are added to the company’s partners portfolio.

Expanded the team

With the full production start of the company’s biggest project – Moo Lander, an international team of 8 highly efficient specialists was formed. The first new member of The Sixth Hammer is Ivaylo Palchev.


Second team expansion

Following a couple of years of growth, both in terms of new people, new projects and larger scope of the Moo Lander game, 2020 is the year of the second big team expansion. Nick Gaidov joins the company, and several months later so do Alexander Filipov and Atanas Mitev.

Funded by а venture capital fund

2021 is the year that marks the first successful company funding by the big venture capital fund Innovation Capital. With this fresh financing, the company greatly expands its marketing efforts and operations.


Release of Moo Lander

2022 is a very exciting year for The Sixth Hammer, as the small indie studio successfully releases the fully developed 2D adventure game Moo Lander. The gaming platforms for the game are PC, Xbox One/Series S, and PlayStation 4/5. The youngest team member – Todor Kalchev, joins the company.

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You can connect with The Sixth Hammer over social media and/or e-mail. If you have any kind of business or other inquiry, we would like to hear from you!