Our Services

Game Development

Our company has attracted senior talent from the industry, united by a passion for creating great games. We work with artists and creative professionals with extensive mastery of various art styles – each one with dozens of games in their portfolios. Some of them have specialized in environment art, while others can create breathtaking character designs.


Web Development

We have worked on projects that have codebases with 1.000,000+ lines of highly efficient code. Using all the latest cutting-edge technology in the industry, we have integrated the Agile methodology deep into our working process.

Mobile Development

We know the importance of performant code for every good mobile app. Adding smooth and intuitive UI/UX design to the mix makes for a perfect overall feel and customer experience for the created mobile product. Last, but not least – our experts take care of mobile app support and further development when needed.


Music Composing

Music is one of the most important aspects of an immersive game world. We have skilled professionals with a degree in musical education in our team and a solid experience in creating orchestral or electronic game music. Our terabytes of sampled instruments and toolset are perfect for the purpose of creating and crafting each game’s unique atmosphere.


Trailer Creation

Showing what a game is all about is a careful balance act between different types of shots. With an optimal time limit of only 1-2 minutes, every second of a trailer is crucial and everything shown on screen needs to have its specific purpose. Careful planning and prioritization are needed for every feature showcase, in order not to overwhelm the users while still showing them what the game is all about.



The best UI is the one that gives all the information to the players without breaking their immersion of the game world. Our professionals choose the UI design approach for each individual game very carefully. We know the value of good UX and UI, so we strive to bring the best experience to players using the latest techniques in the industry. Our UI artists are capable of creating simplistic UI as well as complex UI systems for managing in-game currencies and resources.

Connect With Us

You can connect with The Sixth Hammer over social media and/or e-mail. If you have any kind of business or other inquiry, we would like to hear from you!