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Project Overview

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Under development!

Train Your Memory is being developed by The Sixth Hammer. Concept, gameplay, music, sound effects and design by The Sixth Hammer.


Test and train your memory, while you are having fun with this fast-paced addictive game! It is a simple, but innovative concept that will boost your memory and improve your sense for little details.

Some of the key features are:
– New and innovative mechanics – Improve your memory in an entirely new way, different from the other brain games
– Eye for details – Recognize the correct photo from a bunch of similar ones
– Only 5 seconds to remember – try to remember as many details as you can about color, shape, etc. while you race against the time
– Find the clues – Test how good you are with spotting the little things with all kinds of different photos
– Increasing difficulty – you have to be more concentrated with every next photo. The game will start inverting and then completely disabling some colors, making it harder and harder to spot any unique features
– A little friendly competition – you will be able to race not only against time, but against all your friends, as you try to prove you have the best memory
– Relaxing and beautiful music – The soundtrack will relax you and take away any other distractions, so you can focus all your brain power on improving your memory