Project Overview

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Spatium is developed by The Sixth Hammer and published by Basicks Studio . Concept and gameplay by Basicks Studio. Music by Grand Canyon. Programming and game art by The Sixth Hammer.

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SPATIUM is a new type of arcade game in which you put your reflexes to the test. It’s one of the best entertaining experiences out there, suitable for everyone around the globe. Race against your family and friends and reach the longest distance or highest score while speeding up on the galaxy highway amongst shining stars. Start playing straight away and beat your contestants’ results in no time! It’s energy ball madness, and the whole world is invited to participate in this epic challenge!

– Addicting and amazing “high-score” experience!
– Exclusive soundtrack by “Grand Canyon”!
– Pleasure-for-the-eye, simple, smooth graphics!
– User-friendly interface!
– Simple “one-touch” gameplay!
– 4 different score multipliers and changing highway colors!
– 4 different kinds of energy balls to put your focus to the test!
– 4 lanes endless track!
– “Healing” resistance meter!
– Gorgeous visual effects to give you the best outer space feel!
– Ambient sound effects!
– Vibrations (if supported by device)!
– Sharing of score options!