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1. Storyline

We will try to explain the story line in a few words.

The story begins in the past, where there are two civilizations – The Landers and The Anunnaki. Both of them use the milk as their primal resource.

For a long time they live in peace, but in time The Anunnaki become greedy. Then begins The War – long and devastating, it puts both civilizations on the edge of extinction.

Their only hope for survival becomes the legend of a mythical device that can produce infinite amounts of milk, which is located on a small planet called Earth.

The Landers send their bravest soldier on a mission of finding it and bringing it to save their world. And that is when your journey begins…






2. Trailers

Here are our cinematic and gameplay trailers:






3. Gameplay

The gameplay is really addictive, and it is 100% story driven. You will discover a very big plot between two ancient civilizations. We don’t want to spoil your game experience, so we won’t reveal the final now. We can only say that it will be Really Epic !

On Earth you will play trough all kinds of terrain – vast planes, deep and dangerous caves, steep mountains, mysterious forests and even endless deserts. Then, however, your find out that you are a long way of finding the device.

Later in the gameplay you can expect:

  • meeting alien civilizations
  • playing on water planets
  • fighting with ancient demons in god-forgotten places
  • challenging your skills against places where even gravity is unstable and constantly shifting





4. Features


  • You have different ships, which you will unlock, as you progress in the game. Each ship will have different characteristics, which you can upgrade from the shop menu.
  • You have two bars in the upper left corner of the game – one for health, and one for energy.
  • In the game you’re constantly sucking or “Landing” cows for milk with your primary attack, /which is different for every ship/. But you will find all kinds of mechanisms and puzzles scattered through the game.
  • At some point you will find other smart creatures or machines, who will try to kill you, and you will be able to defend yourself with your secondary attack – shooting some kind of bullets /also different for every ship/.
  • You also have Cloak Mode /when you want to pass stealthily near someone/.
  • When you really advance in the game you will discover capsules that activate Power Mode /you become invulnerable to enemy attacks, and you also have unlimited energy and health/, but only for limited time.
  • Some Landers will have a powerful mass-destruction weapon, which will destroy all enemies nearby.
  • We also want to mention the Random Events /secret paths, mechanisms, big bonuses and etc./ – Those are events, that are spawn randomly through the gameplay, so replaying levels increases your chances of finding them.






5. Multiplayer

Playing alone is fun, but the real challenge is competing with other players, so we plan to make online system, that lets you challenge other players in couple of ways. The challenges are made for certain levels and with a deadline. After the deadline, the player with the higher score on that level wins:

  • Prize challenges – both players bet equal amounts of credits, and the winner takes it all.
  • Nickname challenges – The winner gets to change both players usernames/We expect that type of challenge to be the real fun/.
  • Local Bluetooth Battle – You will have the chance to show your friends who the best Lander is.
  • Cool ranking system – Get to a bigger and bigger ranks as you level up in the game.




6. Music

We have composed over 45 minutes of premium quality music, you can listen to some of it here:






6. Your support

As you can see we have already have a clear idea of the game. We have drawn all the graphics, we have animated all the characters, we have composed all the music. And we have rendered preview trailers.

The ONLY thing left is to MAKE the actual game. To do this we are currently working on a 2D engine, capable of delivering all, that we need.


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