Evil Engine is open source cross-platform game engine for creation of a 2D level based games. The development started in 2015 and it is expected to be in beta in early 2017. It is built on Java, on top of LibGDX. We have created a Graphics User Interface for building your game, which will save you over 80% of the programming work.


  • Cross-platform – Android, iOS and Desktop
  • Fully controlled physics world via Box2D
  • Built-in iteration for third-party systems like Vungle, AdMob, StartApp, Google Play Services, Apple Game Center, etc…
  • Custom made Music API  for quick managing of the music in your game
  • Automatic performance acceleration for older mobile devices
  • Dynamic lightning, shaders and color corrections
  • Easy to use game UI builder built on top of Scene 2D
  • Automatic resource managing
  • Dynamically optimized textures for better GPU performance
  • Texture quantization that shrinks the game size up to 60%
  • Batch automation for many repetitive tasks /like importing similar game objects and auto tracing textures/ for speeding up the development process
  • GPU accelerated building environment
  • Dynamically real-time generated shaders
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Innovative terrain builder using texture mapping for quick creation of level terrains
  • Extensive monitoring systems for easy level calibration and in-game customization for achieving the best user experience
  • Easy to use Camera system

Some of the features that we plan to implement after the release of the first stable version:

  • Importing Photoshop files (all layers will be created into game objects)
  • Real time texture warping
  • Physics particles and Physics Particle Editor
  • Lens flares for the light objects


Important things:

The GUI: It is used for building the levels of your game. You can run your game instantly inside the GUI.

Coding: You can code anything anywhere! You can add custom features to the GUI. During the gameplay, you can hook to different events to implement your features.

Our 4 concepts: performance, fast workflow, extendability and minimal coding.

– Evil Engine will have amazing performance on every platform

– We know that the time is the most valuable resource, so we try to save you every second with the GUI

– You can code anything anywhere, so you are free to implement whatever you want

– We provide you with all the common things in a game, so you will have to code only the unique aspects of your game



Levels: With Evil Engine you create levels. Every level contains a list with a game objects.

Game Objects: There are several types of game objects: Art, Physics, Event, Particle, Light, Shader, Adjustment and Text. Each of them works in different way and has some special features.

Components: Every game object is composed of components. Each component activates a certain feature for the game object.

Events: You can hook to events runtime to implement the logic of your game.

States: Every game object can have different states (like Idle, Walking, Jumping, Attacking). Each state can contain different components. You can switch between states runtime.



Screenshots (very early version):

scrn (2) scrn (3) scrn (4) scrn (1)

Lightning system


Currently we are working on the GUI. We are also writing the documentation (currently only in Bulgarian language, it will be translated soon).